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Assigning a User Role to a User

User roles allow you to specify what a user can do within your ATS and can be changed as needed.

When assigning a user role to a user, we recommended assigning them a single role. While you can assign multiple roles to a user, if they have different levels of the same role permission, we will use the lowest possible version of the role.

For more information about setting up User Roles, please refer to the following dedicated article.

  • Click Administration from the menu bar and click User Maintenance on the left-hand side.



  • Click the pencil.svg icon to the far right of a user under the "Action" column to edit an existing user.


  • Scroll down through the user's information and select the appropriate user roles.
    • If multiple user roles are selected, the lowest possible permissions level will be used and override other permission levels. The best practice is to create a new user role instead of combining multiple user roles.
    • If a description has been entered for a user role, you can click Learn More for additional information.


  • Select additional system responsibilities.
    • Hiring Manager and Requisition Approver- Used if you have a job requisition process. Having these permissions turned on allows the user to appear as an option to select from as a Hiring Manager or Job Requisition approver when setting up or submitting job requisitions.
    • System Guided Dispositioning - Used to help guide users through the hiring process. A pop-up box will appear prompting them to update stages or dispositions as they are reviewing candidates.


  • Click Save Changes when done.
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