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Using the Meal Break Report for ExakTime

The Meal Break report allows you to review information relating to the "Manual Meal Break" policy such as:

  • Expected breaks for the employee to take
  • The meal breaks actually taken
  • Any short meal breaks
  • The number of missed meal breaks

The meal break report will only present the number of meal breaks taken with the "Manual Meal Break" setting. This report is not intended to show the duration of a meal break or "meal breaks" taken through other means such as gaps in employee hours from manually clocking out and back in.

For more information about the setup and use of manual meal breaks, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

To track the duration of a meal break or gaps in time for an employee's work day, you can refer to the following article.

Navigating to the Meal Break Exception Report
  • Click Reports from the menu bar.


  • Click Meal Break Exception Report under the Audit section.


Report Specific Options 

The Meal Break report allows you to show the Employee ID in addition to the name. If enabled, you can sort the employees by their name or their ID.


Example of the Report


The Meal Break report will list your Employee and present columns for:

  • Date
  • Hours Worked - Total hours worked by the employee. If the employee has an 
  • Expected Meal Breaks - The # of meal breaks expected to be taken based on their hours worked.
  • Meal Breaks Taken - The # of actual meal breaks taken.
  • Meal Breaks Short - The # of meal breaks that were ended before the allotted time.
  • Meal Breaks Missed - The # of meal breaks not taken.
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