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Why Is My Employee’s Time Data Not Importing as Expected?

When importing the AccountLinx export into your third-party application, you may encounter a situation where an employee is not receiving the time records as expected. As this type of issue can be caused by a variety of things, it helps to narrow down what is working and what isn't by asking yourself:

  • Is it affecting multiple employees (5+) or specific employees (a few)
  • Do the affected employees have anything in common such as working at the same location, using the same cost code, etc?
  • When was your last successful import?
  • Have any changes been made since your last successful import such as app updates, new employees, etc?

In addition to the questions above, here are some common things we suggest checking that can cause data import issues.

Double-Check Mappings

The main cause of issues with importing data into your payroll app is due to your employees, locations, cost codes, etc. being mapped incorrectly. If the data is not mapped properly, it can result in your time data being associated with the wrong entity/entities in your payroll app or result in the data import being rejected entirely.

Go through the "Map Employees/Locations/Cost Code" screens and make sure that the mappings are accurate. As AccountLinx is reliant on the mapping data being accurate for your time data to be accepted, if there are any issues such as multiple employees having the same employee ID, or locations/cost codes with the incorrect mapping IDs, it can result in issues with your data imports.

Double-Check Your Payroll App

After you are sure that the mappings for your entities are correct in AccountLinx, double-check that the information is still valid in your payroll app. Depending on the payroll app, it is possible that some entities need to be active for data to be imported, the information may have changed since you last used it by another admin, an entity was incorrectly set up, etc.

If a specific entity is causing trouble, compare the troublesome entity with a working entity and see if they have any differences. Your payroll app may require certain settings to be enabled for you to use the entities with time data imports. 

Incorrect File Template

Make sure that the AccountLinx export file matches the import template of your payroll app.

  • If your payroll app offers different import templates, make sure that you are selecting the correct import template.
  • If you are able to customize your import template, make sure that you have not changed any columns since your last successful data import. 
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