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Adding a Manual Meal Break for an Employee's Time Card

If your employee forgets to track their meal break or does not track their time, you can add a manual meal break on their behalf.

This article assumes that you have already enabled manual meal breaks and are familiar with the time card details page

Employee Forgot to Track Their Meal Break

  • The employee should have a red exclamation Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png point to indicate that they have a time card issue, such as missing a meal break. Look for the "Missing Meal Break" indicator for the day an employee did not track their meal break.


  • Click Add Meal Break and enter when the meal break should start. The "Meal Break" cost code will be entered automatically. Then add a new time record for when the employee should start working again after their meal break.



  • After saving, your meal break and the time record for when they come back from their meal break should be added to the time card.


For a Blank Time Card

When adding a meal break for a blank time card with other time records, you will need to make sure the start times of both the meal break and the time record after the meal break take into account the meal break duration.



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