What is the "Clock Out" Icon on the Time Cards?

As we upgrade our Time Card Details, you may have noticed a small facelift on the Time Card page, specifically the "Clock Out" icon next to the stop time. This will be used by ExakTime Connect to indicate if an employee has clocked out and will no longer be tracking their time.


With the previous time cards, when employees clocked in throughout the day, the stop time would be set to whatever the following start time was. If you were to modify the start time of a record, you would also need to modify the stop time of the previous record as well so the time records would connect properly.

With the upgraded time cards, the stop time will now automatically match the start time of the following time record to avoid multiple modifications. If the stop time is marked as a "Clock Out", it will not automatically change to match the following start time and is intended for when employees are no longer tracking their time, such as for a break or when they are done for the day.

  Additional Information

For more information about the time card upgrade, you can refer to the following dedicated article.

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