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Why Are My Employees Time Records Splitting to Two Different Lines?

When reviewing your employees' time cards, you may notice that your employees' time records are split into two different incomplete records.

You will commonly see the errors like below:


This is due to your "Time Card Time Entry" settings. This setting is generally used to help determine what is a "typical" work day for your employees and helps drive other settings.

If an employee were to work longer than a typical work day for a single time record, it would result in their start and stop times being separated into two separate lines for you to review and correct.

To get around this, you would either need to:

  • Adjust the "Time Card Time Entry" setting to a longer threshold
    • For more information about the "Time Card Time Entry" setting, you can refer to the following article.
  • Have the employee clock in/out in smaller chunks
    • The "Time Card Time Entry" looks at your employee's record and if it sees a single time record going over the threshold, ExakTime will assume that it is not possible and breaks the time record into two separate lines for your review. So instead of having a single 20-hour time record, the employee could have 2 10-hour time records instead.
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