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Process Overview for Advanced Analytics

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This article contains information for an upcoming release and is subject to change.

The Advanced Analytics module allows reports to be created by combining multiple fields from the underlying database. Available data points and the various ways in which they may be incorporated into a report are the topics of these resources.

There are several Global (pre-defined) reports which cannot be changed. Users can create a custom report by copying and modifying a Global report, or by designing a custom report from scratch.

Advanced Analytics is currently available for the Learning Management System (LMS), but is planned to be available for the ATS/Onboarding, Core HR, and Advanced Time and Attendance at a later date.

These resources will use the LMS module for any examples.

Navigating to Advanced Analytics

To access Advanced Analytics, click Talent and click Advanced Reporting from the top-right while logged in to your LMS.


Report Navigation Overview and Viewing Reports

For more information about general report navigation and how to view reports, you can refer to the following article: Navigation Overview and Viewing Reports.

Designing Reports

For more information about designing reports, you can refer to the following article: Designing Reports

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