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Guide to Custom Alerts and Notifications for ExakTime

  Upcoming Update

This article contains information about a feature that is currently in beta and is subject to change.

Custom Alerts and Notifications allow you to better communicate with your employees to help ensure smooth business operations. Your alerts and notifications can be sent via email, text messages, and/or push notifications (through ExakTime Mobile) to make sure that as many people receive your messages as possible.

  Enabling Custom Alerts and Notifications

If you are interested in purchasing the Custom Alerts and Notifications feature upon its release, please feel free to contact your sales rep/account manager at 1-877-463-7199.

Setting Up and Sending Custom Alerts/Notifications

The process for setting up and using Schedules has been listed below:

  1. Granting Permission for Custom Alerts and Notifications
  2. Understanding the Custom Alerts and Notifications Page
  3. Creating an Alert/Notification
  4. Edit Unsent Notifications

How It Works

Custom Alerts and Notifications are created in ExakTime depending on your need:

  • Alerts - Notify your employees immediately of any critical information (e.g. location closure due to extreme weather, divert employees to a secondary location, etc.)
  • Notifications - Schedule a message for your employees (e.g. Reminder to come to the office for paperwork, etc.)

Depending on the method(s) selected, your employees will see alerts/notifications like below:


Device Permission Required for Push Notifications

Employees must have the latest version of the mobile app installed on their phones or tablet to receive push notifications. The employee will only receive push notifications if they have allowed notifications to be sent from ExakTime and are logged into the mobile app.

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