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Expected Communication Issues for Hornets with Serial Numbers Starting With 60 or 62

Due to the 2G and 3G Turndown by cellular networks, all Hornets with serial numbers starting with 60 or 62 will begin having communication issues.

What this entails is that cellular network providers are disabling older cellular technology to make room for newer cellular technology such as 4G and 5G. As this is dependent on cellular network providers, we cannot accurately determine when 2G and 3G will be turned down in your area and affect your JobClock Hornet.

In the event that your Hornet with a serial number starting with 60 or 62, you can use the troubleshooting methods below as a short term solution:

For a long-term solution, we advise reaching out to your Account Manager to discuss options.

Power Cycling Your Hornet

Power cycling your Hornet is similar to rebooting your Hornet but allows your Hornet to fully turn off, let any residual power dissipate, and fully turn back on.

  1. Open the back panel (requires a screwdriver to remove the 4 screws) to expose the two batteries and power switch.
  2. Turn the Hornet off (press down on the zero) with the switch.
  3. Disconnect the Hornet battery with the black connector (large black battery connected with a wire connector) AND THEN remove the small backup JobClock battery (small silver Lithium 123 battery).



  4. Let the Hornet sit for a prolonged period (a minimum of 2 minutes is required) with no power source.
  5. Reinsert the JobClock battery (small silver Lithium 123 battery) and wait for a beep.
    • If there is no beep then the Lithium 123 battery needs to be replaced or the JobClock component is having an issue.
  6. Reconnect the Hornet battery with the black connector.


  7. Switch the Hornet back on (press the switch down on the one).


  8. Monitor the light patterns while the Hornet turns on. Once you confirm that the Hornet is functioning as expected, place the battery cover back on.

If you are still experiencing trouble with not connecting to a cellular tower and transmitting records, it can help to power cycle the Hornet in a different area/region in hopes that the Hornet will connect to a different cellular tower.

Alternative Collection Methods

If the Hornet is still unable to transmit its records by itself, you can at least collect the records with a supported device for the short term. All records on Hornets can be collected using ExakTime Mobile on an Android device, but Hornets with serial numbers starting with 62 also allow record collecting using ExakTime Mobile on an iOS device.

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