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Workflow Instances Overview

The Workflow Instances screen displays a detailed listing of workflow instances for the selected Workflow that has been created between the specified Date Range. An Instance represents a single execution path of a workflow. These instances can be filtered by Resource and/or by those instances that are still in process (I.E. Instances not yet completed).

Navigating to Workflow Instances
  • Expand Settings and click Workflow Management from the menu.


  • The Workflow list will show your current workflows.


  • Click on the number (0 or other) under the "Total Instance" or "In Process Instances" column. You will be taken to the instances page. 


Instances Tab


  • Name - Name assigned to the Workflow Instance. Generally the name of the workflow and the employee to complete the workflow.
  • Comments - Hovering over the information-button-1_gray_15x15.png icon will show any comments entered against the Workflow Instance. Comments can be entered via the Workflow Summary Tab when reviewing a specific Workflow Instance.
  • Initial Resource - The name of the Resource assigned to the first step of the Workflow Instance
  • Date Created - The date the Workflow Instance was created.
  • Target Completion Date - The date that the Workflow Instance is expected to be completed. This date is initially calculated using the sum of the Step Durations when the Instance is created. However, this date can be updated via the Workflow Summary Tab when drilling into a specific Workflow Instance.
  • Total Days - The Total Number of Days the Workflow Instance has been open. If the Workflow Instance is 100% complete, then this value will indicate the number of Days it took to complete the Instance.
  • Days Until Target - Indicates the number of days remaining until the Target Completion Date is met (the date can be negative if the target completion date is passed).
  • % Complete - Indicates the percentage of steps that have been completed for the Workflow Instance.

From the Actions drop-down menu, you can:


Filtering Workflow Instances

Clicking the CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png filter icon will allow you to filter the workflow instances by the resource and/or display all instances or only "in process" instances.


Generating Multiple Workflow Instances

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Generate Multiple Instances. A new tab/window will open.


  • Select the eligibility rule that is needed from the tab/window, then click Save and Generate. For more information about Eligibility Rules, you can refer to the following article.


Deleting Workflow Instances

  • Use the checkbox(es) towards the right of the workflow instance.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Delete Selected Record(s). There will be NO confirmation window, so be sure that the workflow instance(es) should be deleted.


Viewing Workflow Instance Details

To view the details of a workflow instance, click the name of the workflow instance under the Name column.


The following tabs are available for the details of a workflow instance:

Workflow Steps

The Workflow Steps will list all of the steps that are to be completed for the workflow.


  • Once a step is completed, the "End Date" field will automatically populate with the date the step was completed and the "Actual Duration" will be calculated.
  • The assigned resource for a step can be changed with the provided drop-down menu.

Workflow Summary

The fields below display Summary information for this workflow instance. Click the Save Instance button to save any changes to the "Target Completion Date" or the Comments field.


System Generated Emails

Once the workflow has been initiated, the system will generate automatic notifications. The System Generated Emails table lists the initial notification and reminder emails that have been sent related to this workflow instance. 



The Reports tab provides one-click reports for viewing information for the specific workflow instance.


Report Name Description
Workflow Steps Displays a detailed breakdown of the Workflow Steps.
Workflow Steps with Comments Displays a detailed breakdown of the Workflow Steps along with the Comments entered on the Workflow Summary tab.

Reports Tab

The Reports tab provides one-click reports for viewing information for all the instances of the workflow.


Report Name Description
Workflow Instances Displays a listing of Workflow Instances.
Workflow Instances Summary Exports a summary of Workflow Instances

Dashboard Tab

The Dashboard tab offers a set of tabs to get a quick view of the workflow instances.

Workflow Summary Tab

Annual Resource Tab

Monthly Resource Tab

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