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How to Emergency Recollect from a JobClock with your FastTrakker Pro

The FastTrakker Pro allows you to collect previously collected records from a supported JobClock for up to 2 weeks or 30 days prior to the emergency recollect. After collecting your records, you can sync them to your ExakTime Connect account with SyncCenter.

To do this, you will need the following:

  • A FastTrakker Pro
  • A Compatible JobClock (JobClock, JobClock/EX, JobClock Hornet (Serial Number starting with 6000XXXX, 6010XXXX, or 6012XXXX)
    • The JobClock/LE and Hornet with serial number 62XXXXXX cannot be collected from with a FastTrakker Pro.

Recollecting With Your FastTrakker Pro

  • With the FastTrakker Pro in hand, press the scroll button at the top to turn on the screen. It will initially show the name of the employee that the FastTrakker Pro is assigned.


  • While the screen is turned on, scroll through the available options with the scroll wheel until you see Emergency Recollect/Record Retrieval.
    • If you see the options of Track and Collect, select Collect first, then you should see the Emergency Recollect/Record Retrieval option listed above.


  • Scroll through the available options: Past 2 Weeks or Past 30 Days. Press the button to select the displayed option and so it begins searching for the JobClock.



  • Aim the red IR Window at the front of the FastTrakker Pro towards the flashing lights at the front of the JobClock near the touch plate. The ideal distance between the two devices is 3-4 inches. They do not have to touch each other.



  • You should hear 2 beeps from the JobClock. The first beep indicates that your FastTrakker Pro and JobClock are connected, then the second beep indicates that the collection has been completed.
  • After the collection has been completed, the screen of the FastTrakker Pro will display that the collection was successful.
  • You can now attach the FastTrakker Pro via USB to the PC that has SyncCenter installed to sync the records to your account.

For instructions on using SyncCenter with ExakTime Connect, please refer to the following article: SyncCenter for ExakTime Connect

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