Unable to Activate Bluetooth on JobClock EX or LE

When trying to activate the Bluetooth on a JobClock, there are a couple of situations in which the Bluetooth does not activate as expected.

  • The Bluetooth Does Not Activate and the Light pattern changes to a flashing red/green.
    • What is Happening - The light pattern of the JobClock changing to a flashing red and green light when trying to turn on the Bluetooth is generally due to a low JobClock battery. As Bluetooth requires additional power to function, a low battery may not be able to power the Bluetooth and result in the JobClock turning off and back on.
    • What to Do - The Lithium 123 battery of the JobClock should be replaced.
  • Pressing the keytab to the touch plate does not do anything (No beeps/sounds).
    • What is Happening - When pressing any keytab to the touch plate, there should be a beeping sound to indicate that it has accepted the punch. Keeping the keytab pressed against the touch plate will then trigger the Bluetooth of the JobClock. If none of the above occurs when using any keytab, then it generally indicates that the screw that connects the JobClock touch plate to the internal components of the JobClock has come loose.
    • What to Do
      1. Remove the back cover and battery from the JobClock.
      2. Underneath the battery is a small opening with an allen/hex screw. Use a compatible allen/hex key and loosen the screw slightly. DO NOT FULLY REMOVE THE SCREW. Sometimes when removing the screw, it can fall inside the JobClock and can be difficult to retrieve and reinsert. 
      3. After loosening the screw slightly, retighten the screw until you feel resistance. DO NOT FORCE THE SCREW TOO TIGHT. Tightening the screw too much can damage the JobClock internals.
      4. Reinsert the battery. Be prepared for a loud beep that will indicate that the JobClock battery is working.
      5. Tap a keytab to the touch plate to see if there is any beep/sound.
      6. Once you confirm the beep/sound, replace the JobClock backplate.

If you are still experiencing any issues with activating the Bluetooth of the JobClock, please contact us for further assistance with the Request Support link at the top of the page.

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