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Viewing Mobile Form Responses on Your Time Cards

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This article is an excerpt from a comprehensive article: In-Depth: ExakTime Mobile Forms

ExakTime Forms allows you to have users/employees answer questions when clocking in or out for the day and collect that date for further review in ExakTime Connect.

The default mobile forms currently offered are the following:

  • A set of COVID-19 screening questions when beginning the day. (Added in 2020)
  • "Were you injured on the job today?"
  • "Did you take all of your meals and breaks?"

Enabling ExakTime Mobile Forms

  • Go to Manage then click Company Settings.


  • Click the Other tab.


  • The option for ExakTime Forms will be near the bottom.
    • Each option has a check box for which option you would like to ask your employees.
    • If you do not see the options or see a message indicating that you have a customer ExakTime Mobile Form, you will need to speak to your account manager to make any further adjustments to your existing customer ExakTime Mobile Form. 
  • After you have selected the appropriate options, click Save at the bottom.
  • After any changes are made, your employees will see the questions after they sync their ExakTime Mobile device.

Turning On Mobile Form Responses For Time Cards

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click on Optional Features.


  • Enable "Mobile Form Responses on Time Card Views."


  • Click Save at the bottom.
  • Go to Tools and click on Time Card Form Response Selector.


  • Select the form to show the questions available.


  • Check the box to the left of the Mobile Form questions that you want displayed on your time card.


  • Any changes done are saved automatically.

Adding Mobile Form Responses To Your Time Card

  • Go to Time Card and click Time Card Details.


  • Click the Column Manager button.
    • Click and drag the mobile form question from the Hide to the Show column.
    • Mobile Form columns have a green bar in the column Manager.


Check out our comprehensive Mobile Forms article for more information about additional ways you can review your employees' mobile form responses or what your employees would see when filling out their mobile forms.

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