Reviewing "My Time Card" for Supervisors/Administrators

"My Time Card" allows you to review and edit your time card in ExakTime Connect.

Employee Hour and Approval Summary


  • Hovering over the contactCardWhite.png contact card icon will show your phone number(s) and email.


  • Your overall hours will be presented at the top of your time card broken down by regular, OT1 (Overtime), and OT2 (Doubletime).


  • If your company has time card approvals enabled, you can see if your time card has been approved and at what level (Employee, Supervisor, and/or Sign Off).


My Time Card Actions


The "My Time Card" actions available will depend on what permissions have been enabled by your ExakTime Administrator. The basic actions available are:

  • Add Time
  • Recalculate - Recalculate the pay period being viewed based on your current policies.
  • Print - Print a preformatted copy of your time card.
  • Email to Me - Email a preformatted copy of your time card

The following actions are dependent if your company has enabled time card approvals:

  • Approve/Unapprove Time - Approve your time card if your time card is accurate to your knowledge. Your time card should only be approved at the end of your company's pay period. It is recommended to consult your ExakTime administrator for your company's policies/expectations.
  • Approval History - View who has approved your time card and when.

Pay Period/Date Range


  • Use the drop-down menu to quickly jump between pre-determined date ranges and pay periods.


  • Click the left and right arrow buttons to go to the previous/next pay period, pay week, or day. If you are viewing a custom date range, the left and right arrows will be grayed out and unresponsive.
  • Clicking the Calendar_-_01.png calendar icon to select the date range to view. The maximum date range allowed is 31 days.


Column Manager

The column manager allows you to add/remove columns to your time card. The available columns will depend on other permissions and options enabled by your ExakTime Administrator.


Time Card


Your time card will show your time records and columns for:

  • Time Record Actions
  • Location Worked
  • Cost Code Used
  • Start Time
  • Stop Time
  • Regular/OT1/OT2/Total Hours

Understanding the Time Record Icons & Actions

  • Time_Card_-_Pencil_Icon_-_00.png - Edit a time record.
  • Time_Card_-_Trash_Icon_-_00.png - Delete the time record.
  • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Globe.png or Time_Card_Globe_-_01.png - Clicking the globe icon will take you to the map view to see where you were when you had clocked in. If the globe is grayed out, the time record does not have any usable GPS data for Map View.
  • Policies_Icon_-_00.png - This icon will appear for any record that was created by a policy, most common for an auto-lunch.
  • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Exported.png- This icon appears for any record that has been exported via AccountLinx.
  • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__115002665908__Incomplete.png - This icon appears for any time record field that is missing data. This will be common for time records where you forgot to clock in/out. As incomplete time records can affect your total hours, these fields will need to be edited/updated.
  • Start/Stop Time - The start or stop time will show a small icon to the right. The color of the icon will indicate if you were within the GEOFence of a location when clocking in/out.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__No-GPS.png - A blue icon indicates that there is no GPS associated with the time record. This can be due to:
      • Lack of location services at the time of creating the punch.
      • The time record was created manually from within ExakTime Connect.
      • The time record was created automatically by the system such as a midnight split.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Location-No-GPS.png - A grey icon indicates that there is GPS for the time record from the employee's device, but the selected location does not yet have a GEOFence
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Outside-GeoFence.png - A red icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is outside the GeoFence of the selected location.
    • Overview__Time_Card_Detail__June_Update___360003910674__Inside-GeoFence.png - A green icon indicates that the GPS for the time record is within the GeoFence of the selected location.
    • Hovering over the icon will show additional GPS information, FaceFront photo, and more.


  • Field_Notes_-_00.png - Clicking Field Notes will let you view field notes sent for the associated day.
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