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Sending Notifications for Schedules in ExakTime

With Schedule Notifications, you can send an email or text to employees and/or managers for items such as upcoming shifts, when you're late for a shift, etc. up to 60 minutes before or after a shift. By default, this is set to 15 minutes. These notification settings will also dictate who appears in the Today's Schedule page.

Please Note: A user is considered a manager if the user has scheduled employees in their viewset AND they are not set to view All Employees. If a user is set to view all employees, they will not receive any notifications. For additional information regarding employee viewsets, you can refer to the following article: Employee Viewsets

  • Go to Manage and click on Company Settings.


  • Click Notifications.


  • Specify the type of notification(s) to send: Email or SMS.

     SMS in USA Only

    To receive an SMS message, the employee must have a valid US-based mobile phone number.
    At this time, SMS notifications are supported in the USA.


  • The options available to send notifications are:
    • To employees X minutes before the start of a scheduled shift.
    • To employees X minutes after their schedule has started.
    • To managers X minutes after an employee's scheduled shift has started.
    • To managers X minutes after a scheduled shift has ended.
    • To managers when an employee clocks in at the wrong scheduled location.
    • To managers when an employee has clocked in X minutes before a scheduled shift has started.
    • To managers X minutes after the last scheduled shift for the day has ended.
  • Click Save when finished.
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