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How to Disable ExakTime Mobile Forms (COVID, Breaks, etc.)

After using ExakTime Mobile Forms, the forms may be unnecessary for your organization and need to be disabled. After a mobile form is disabled, it will no longer be presented to employees, but any previously collected data will stay preserved.

 Consult Your Fellow Admins

Before disabling ExakTime Forms for your organization, it is best to consult with other decision-makers for your ExakTime system. Disabling ExakTime Forms can create gaps of gathered data in the event that the Forms should have not been disabled.

  • Go to Manage then click Company Settings.


  • Within "Company Settings" click the Other tab.


  • The option for ExakTime Forms will be listed like below*ExakTime_Mobile_-_Forms_-_00.png
  • After you have unselected the appropriate options, click Save at the bottom.
  • After any changes are made, your employees will need to sync their copies of ExakTime Mobile for ExakTime Mobile to recognize that it should not present the Forms any longer.

*If you do not see the options from the previous image and instead see the following text, you will need to reach out to your sales executive/account manager for ExakTime Forms to be disabled.

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