Editing a Group & Setting Group to Inactive/Active

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Navigating to Groups
  • From Talent Management, click Account Admin from the menu near the top-right.


  • Click Company Setup to open the menu, then click Groups.


  • The Groups page will list your groups, if any.
  • Groups_-_Menu_-_00.png
  • Click the ... button.


  • Click Edit.


  • Edit the fields for the group.
    • Group Name* - The name is seen in drop-down menus.
    • Group Code* - The group code cannot have any spaces.
    • Description
    • Add assigned employees from the employee picker. Multiple employees can be selected when doing so.
    • Use the Inactive/Active option in the top-right. Making a group inactive will prevent it from being used as an assignment criterion in future assignments. Assignments that have already been assigned using that group will be upheld. If a group is re-activated, it will be available for assignments again.
  • Click Save.
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