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Setting Up and Using Kiosk Mode

The Kiosk user role is an Onboarding role with limited permissions to streamline the Onboarding process for New Hires. Once logged in as a Kiosk user, the user will be able to filter the onboarding templates to the necessary location.

If given the Kiosk user role, they will not be able to have any additional permissions, cannot view new hire's information, and will only be able to access Kiosk hiring templates. In the event that a user needs to use the Kiosk role and a hiring manager/administrator role, then they will need to have two separate logins.

For some scenarios, it can help to have a shared Kiosk login if there are multiple people that need to use both a Kiosk role and a hiring manager/administrator role.

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Creating/Assigning Kiosk Role

  • In Onboarding, click Administration from the top menu.


  • Click the Users tab.


  • If creating a new user role, click Add New User.
    For an existing user role, click the ... button under the Action column and click Edit.


  • Enter the required information for the user role. For roles, select "Kiosk User".


  • Click Add / Save.

For more information about Users, you can refer to Complete Guide to Users for Onboarding

Creating Hiring Templates for Kiosk

  • Click Hiring Templates.


  • If creating a new Hiring Templates, click Add Template.
    For an existing Hiring Template, click the ... button under the Action column and click Edit.


  • Enter the required information for the hiring template. Use the checkbox for "Kiosk Enabled".


  • Click Add / Save.

For more information about Hiring Templates, you can refer to Complete Guide to Hiring Templates

Using Kiosk Mode

In the examples below, we are using a Samsung tablet.

  • After logging in with the Kiosk User login, you will see a screen like below showing any Kiosk Templates.


  • To help filter the listed Hiring Templates, you can click the drop-down menu in the top right to filter Hiring Templates by their location.


  • Click/press the Hiring Template to use.


  • Confirm the Hiring Template to use.


  • The new hire will begin filling in their name and click Start Paperwork.
    • If the new hire does not have an email address, they can click I don't have an email. The new hire will have a randomly generated email/username created for them so they can begin Onboarding. If the new hire needs to log back in to finish/edit their onboarding paperwork, you can refer to the following article for information on how to reset their password.
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