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Complete Guide to Job Titles for Onboarding

Job Titles allow you to provide the appropriate paperwork to new hires. For example, you may have the supervisors of a location fill out different forms while their entry-level employees will have their own set. 

If you are also using Core HR, the Job Titles in Onboarding can pass to the Core HR Title field. Be aware what data can pass over and how they will be displayed in Core HR for HR and Payroll purposes.

Job Titles can be imported in bulk if you require multiple job titles. For more information, you can refer to: Bulk Import for Onboarding

Navigating to Onboarding Job Titles
  • Click Administration from the top menu bar of Onboarding.


  • In the Administration menu, click the Job Titles tab.



The Job Title page will show you columns for:

  • Title
  • Job Code
  • Labor Distribution Code

Clicking any of the headers will allow you to sort the information.

Adding a Job Title

  • Click Add Job Title.


  • Fill in the relevant information for your job title:
    • Title - Enter the job title that you want to be displayed on an employees record.
      • The job title entered here does not have to match the job title used in the job posting. It is best practice to enter a job title that you would want to see in your HR records.
    • Description - (Optional) A short description of the job/job title.
    • Job Codes & Labor Distribution Code - (Optional) Codes that can help report on job titles and can vary between companies on what code should be entered, if at all. For example, can be used to indicate salary/pay ranges, payroll classifications, etc.
    • Location - The location that the job title can be used with.
  • Click Add when finished.

Editing a Job Title

  • Click the ... button under the Action column.


  • Click Edit.


  • Edit the information of the job title. If you would like additional information of the available fields, you can refer to the information found in Adding a Job Title


  • Click Save.

Deleting a Job Title

  • Click the ... button under the Action column.


  • Click Delete.


  • The following modal window will appear to confirm your deletion. Click Delete.


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