Understanding a Job Profile

The Job profile will show all candidates, basic job information and detailed information relating to the job in the accordion view sections.

Navigating to a Job Profile
  • While logged in to the Applicant Tracking System, click Jobs from the top menu.


  • While viewing the table for your jobs, click the job title under the "Job Title" column.


At the top of the job profile will be your job candidates, the accordions below show details of the job posting, and the right-side will show additional job information.



From the candidate's table of the job profile, you can review your candidate's information, filter candidates, and more.

Active/InActive/All Buttons


These buttons allow you to focus on employees that are still "Active" for an open position of your job posting or not. If an employee's disposition is changed to anything besides "In Process," they will be considered "InActive."



Filter your candidates based on their first name, last name, or their candidate stage. Some of the column headers allow you to sort your candidates based on the column.

Candidate Table

From the candidate, you can:

  • Checkbox - Select multiple candidates.
  • plus-circle.png Show More icon - The show more icon allows you to perform additional actions and view additional information for a candidate. For more information, refer to the following section: Show More...
  • ** - Hovering over this symbol will show the number of times the candidate has applied to the company.
  • First Name/Last Name - In addition to the name of the employee, there are two icons:
    • eye.png Eye icon - Last time the candidate was viewed.
    • file-text.png Paper icon - View a candidate overview report for this job posting. This report will have application details, screening question answers, and terms and conditions sign-off. For more information, refer to the following section: Candidate Overview Report
  • Label - The label assigned to the candidate either through the job posting or manually by a user.
  • Ranking - Ranking will show the average score based on the scoring screening questions of the job posting, if any, or manually by a user.
  • Apply Date
  • Stage & Disposition - The stage indicates at what stage the employee is in your hiring process (e.g. Applied, Interviewing, etc.), while disposition will indicate why the employee is no longer in the hiring process (e.g. Disqualified, Offer Turned Down, etc.). Clicking either of the Stage or Disposition links will show a drop-down menu to change the Stage/Disposition.
  • Actions - Clicking any of the Actions icons allow you to perform additional icons. Some icons will only appear during certain stages. For more information regarding Action icons, please refer to the following article: Action Icons

Bulk Actions


If a single candidate or multiple candidates have been selected, you are able to perform a bulk action from the drop-down menu.


The drop-down menu allows you to:

  • Add a Comment - Add comments to the candidate(s) that can be seen by other users.
  • Attach to a job - If the candidate(s) have the potential for other job postings, you can attach to them to another job posting.
  • Send Email to Candidate(s)
  • Forward Candidate(s) to Hiring Manager(s) - Send an email to the hiring manager.
  • Add a candidate label - Attach label(s) to the candidate for easier reference when searching through your candidate pool
  • Change Stage
  • Change Disposition

Show More...

Clicking the plus-circle.png Show More icon will show additional buttons beneath the candidate entry. Clicking any of the buttons will show more information below the buttons.

Candidate Overview Report


Clicking the file-text.png paper icon will open a new tab/window of a candidate overview report. From here, can see application details, screening question answers, and terms & conditions sign-off. This report can be printed by clicking "Create PDF".

Job Details

The full details of the job profile can be found in the accordion-style sections. Each section can be expanded.

Fields with the pencil-square-o.svg edit icon allow you to edit the information for a job posting.

Statistics and Activity History

Statistics and Activity History are sections not present during the creation of your job posting. Statistics will show how often the job posting has been viewed and clicked. Activity History will show any changes made to candidates or the job posting. 

Job Information

Job_Information_-_00.pngJob Information will show information such as the job ID, its status, the users assigned to the job posting, provide a link to the job/application page, etc.

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