How to View and Reactivate an Offer Letter Approval

Navigating to Offer Letter Approvals
  1. Click Administration from the top menu bar of the Applicant Tracking System.


  2. Click Offer Letter Approvals on the left-hand side. Menu_-_Offer_Letter_Approvals_-_01.png
  3. The Offer Letter Approval process page will display on the offer letter creation screen and every offer letter that is created will be required to follow an approval process.


View and Reactivate an Offer Letter Approval

  1. Click the Yes/No toggle to show any deactivated offer letter approval processes.


  2. Click Activate to the far right of an offer letter approval under the "Action" column.


  3. A confirmation dialog will appear to confirm the activation. Click OK to confirm.


  4. A confirmation message will appear in the top left if successful.


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