How to Add an Offer Letter Approval Process

Navigating to Offer Letter Approvals
  1. Click Administration from the top menu bar of the Applicant Tracking System.


  2. Click Offer Letter Approvals on the left-hand side. Menu_-_Offer_Letter_Approvals_-_01.png
  3. The Offer Letter Approval process page will display on the offer letter creation screen and every offer letter that is created will be required to follow an approval process.


Add an Offer Letter Approval Process

  1. Click Add Approval Process


  2. Enter the following information for your offer letter approval process.
    1. Enter a name for the offer letter approval process.
    2. Select Approver(s)
      • Only system administrators and users with the Approve Offer Letters permission will appear in the drop-down menu.
      • There is no limit to the number of approvers that can be added to each level.
    3. Select Backup Approver(s)
      • Backup approvers are not sent offer letter notifications automatically - they are sent manually on the view approval page.
  3. To add additional levels click Click here to add a level.
    • A maximum of 15 backup approvers can be added.
  4. Click Save Changes when finished.
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