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How to Duplicate an Offer Letter Approval

Navigating to Offer Letter Approvals
  1. Click Administration from the top menu bar of the Applicant Tracking System.


  2. Click Offer Letter Approvals on the left-hand side. Menu_-_Offer_Letter_Approvals_-_01.png
  3. The Offer Letter Approval process page will display on the offer letter creation screen and every offer letter that is created will be required to follow an approval process.


Duplicate an Offer Letter Approval

  1. Click Duplicate towards the right of an offer letter approval under the Action column.


  2. A dialog will appear for you to enter a new name for the duplicate offer letter approval. Click Save Changes to duplicate the offer letter approval process.


  3. The duplicated offer letter approval will appear in your offer letter approval list with the newly entered name.


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