How to Install SyncLinx/AccountLinx

 All Copies of AccountLinx/SyncLinx Must Be The Same Version

If you are installing or updating AccountLinx/SyncLinx to a newer version, you must update all other copies of AccountLinx/SyncLinx in your office to the same version to limit any delays in using the software.

The latest publicly available version is

Starting in, AccountLinx will now automatically prompt when opening if a new version is available to help ensure the same version of AccountLinx across your organization.

AccountLinx & SyncLinx are applications we offer that allow you to import certain information from supported accounting programs [via Synclinx] and export a file or export time record information directly into supported accounting programs [via AccountLinx].

Installing AccountLinx/SyncLinx can require elevated computer privileges and may require an Administrator login for your computer to proceed through the installation and setup.

When installing/updating AccountLinx, SyncLinx is also installed/updated. SyncLinx does not create a desktop shortcut by default, requiring you to create your own shortcut. The following article can help with this: Create a Desktop Shortcut for Synclinx

  • Download the AccountLinx updater & installer below. After the download completes, run/open the installer.
  • Follow through the prompts at the bottom of the window.


  • It will begin to download and install anything necessary for AccountLinx & SyncLinx.


  • After the installer finishes downloading what it needs, it will begin to uninstall AccountLinx if it is an older version first. Otherwise, it will begin to install AccountLinx. Follow the prompts for the installation.


  • When completed, click Finish.


  • When the installation is complete...
    • If this is the first time that AccountLinx has been installed for the computer, Click Launch TimeSummit Utilities and proceed to the next section.
    • If this is an update to an existing copy of AccountLinx, click Finish.


After SyncLinx/AccountLinx is installed, you will need to set up your TimeSummit Utilities.

If you are unsure of your credentials, you can refer to Where To Receive Your SyncLinx/AccountLinx Credentials

Once you have your credentials, please refer to How to Open & Setup TimeSummit Utilities

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