Where To Receive Your SyncLinx/AccountLinx Credentials

After installing SyncLinx/AccountLinx, you will need to setup SyncLinx/AccountLinx to communicate with your ExakTime Connect account. This is done with TimeSummit Utilities which is installed alongside SyncLinx/AccountLinx. Once your TimeSummit Utilities is setup with a special set of credentials for your ExakTime Connect account, you can begin to use SyncLinx and/or AccountLinx.

Your TimeSummit Utilities Credentials will include the following information:

  • Server
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database

If you have not received the credentials to connect to your account, you can request them by using our support request page linked here

Once you have your credentials, you can use the following article to enter your credentials: How to Open & Setup TimeSummit Utilities

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