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How to Use the Scheduling Assistant for Interviews

The Scheduling Assistant allows you to schedule a phone, face-to-face, or virtual interview with a candidate. The interview wizard can also be integrated with Outlook/Office365 to view availability amongst attendees. The interview will be tracked in the interview tab.

Table of Contents

Navigating to the Applicant Interviews Page

  • Click the job title link from the Jobs page.


  • Click the clock-o.png icon towards the right of a candidate under the Actions column.


  • You can manage any existing interviews or schedule a new interview from the Interviews page.


  • Click the Click Here link.


  • You will be presented with the Scheduling Assistant to set up your interview. 


Setting Up Interviewers, Organizers, & Location


Adding Interviewer(s)

Click Add Interviewers... to add an interviewer from your list of ATS users.

  • The user can be a "Contact Only" user. A "Contact Only" user cannot log in for anything that requires the user to log in to view/complete. 
  • Must have the additional permission of Interviewer selected.
  • Multiple interviewers can be added.

Select the Interview Organizer

By default, the first interviewer added will be the organizer. Use the drop-down menu to select an alternate organizer for the interview from the users added through "Add Interviews."

  • There can only be one organizer of the meeting.
  • You are not an interviewer by default. To be part of this interview you have to select yourself as an interviewer.

Select Type & Location

Use the drop-down menu to select the type of interview to be conducted. 

Type Drop-Down Menu

The following interview types available are:

  • Phone Interview
  • Face-To-Face Interview
  • Virtual Meeting

Location Field

Depending on the interview type selected, the "Location" field will auto-fill with information. You modify the auto-filled information. 

If Phone Interview

The text "I will call you at [the candidate’s phone number from their application]" will autofill.

If Face to Face Interview

The address information from the Admin > Account Information page will be entered. For information about adjusting the address on the account information page, you can refer to the following article.

If Virtual Meeting

The text "Virtual Meeting:" will autofill and allow you to put in additional information about the virtual meeting (such as the meeting URL) or you can use the Candidate and Interviewer Comments Fields to include additional meeting information.

Add Credentials

Clicking "Add Credentials" allows you to enter your Exchange or Office365 credentials to view availability based on your calendar and send a calendar invite to your interviewers through the selected service. The credentials are not retained and must be entered whenever you are setting up an interview. 


Adding Candidate/Interviewer Comments & Attachments


Candidate Comments

Candidate Comments are sent to candidates by email to give them the information they need for the interview.

  • These are specific to the candidate. Interviewers cannot see these comments.
  • Examples of candidate comments:
    • Park in the North lot and enter in the East door. Ask the receptionist for JOHN SMITH in HR.
    • Please bring X copies of your resume.
    • Arrive 15 minutes early with a photo ID for security to create a visitor's badge.
    • Please be in a quiet environment for our phone call.

Candidate Attachments

Candidate Attachments allow you to provide any files that may be useful to the candidate.

  • Examples of candidate attachments:
    • Map of the parking lot.
    • Questionnaire to bring/prepare for the interview.
    • Pre-work like a writing assignment, work sample, or presentation.

Interviewer Comments

Interviewer Comments allow you to send comments to the interviewer(s) with any special instructions they need to know.

  • These are specific to the interviewers. Candidates cannot see these comments.
  • Example comments:
    • John is a referral from Sarah M in Sales.
    • From their phone interview, the candidate has a lot of commercial experience, but light in residential experience and working with customers.
    • Steve is related to and a referral of Joe C.
    • Jody’s hobbies include recreational horseback riding and dog agility training. This could be an ice breaker topic should you need something.

Interviewer Attachments

Interviewer Attachments allow you to provide any files that may be useful to the interviewer.

  • Example attachments:
    • Interview Checklist
    • Interview Questionnaire
  • These could be printed, written on, scanned, and then added to that candidate’s profile. Or they could be typed on, saved, and attached to the candidate profile as well.

Post Interview Questions

Post Interview Questions allow you to provide questions that the interviewer can fill out after the interview has been completed. The post-interview questions will be provided to the meeting organizer in the interview request email sent.


Default Question

The default "Do you wish to move forward with this candidate? " question is used to indicate if the interview was conducted and if they wish to move forward with the candidate.

  • Did you interview this candidate? Yes/No
  • Do you wish to move forward with this candidate? Yes/No (Standard Dispositions)
    • This question will only be presented if the user answered "Yes" to the previous question.

Additional Post Interview Questions

Additional post-interview questions can be selected when scheduling the interview. The questions must have already been set up through the Admin page. For more information about adding additional interview questions, you can refer to the following article.

  • Use the drop-down menu to select a post-interview question.
  • Click the fa_fa-plus-circle.png icon to add further questions.

Scheduling & Sending Your Interview


Calendar & Adding Interviewers


  • The Calendar will present dates by the month. A red dot will indicate today's date.
    • Selecting a date will update the start/end dates.
  • Click Add interviewers... to add interviewers from your list of ATS users.

Start Time and End Time


  • The interviewers added to the interview will appear with color-coding to help identify their availability if your calendar has been synced with the tool.
    • The busy and available times for all interviewers you have calendar access to will be presented here.
  • Use the 3 Day/7 Day/2 Weeks buttons to show the appropriate date range.
  • The default interview time frame is 30 minutes
    • E.g. If the Start Time is 1 PM, the End Time will default to 1:30 PM.
  • The End Time cannot be before the Start Time.
  • The date must be a current or future date.
  • Suggested Times
    • Based on the interviewer's availability. The system will generate a few suggested times when everyone is free.
    • Only displays suggested times if you have added credentials and the interviewers are part of your domain.

Sending Your Interview


After setting up your interview, click Send towards the bottom of the page. If any required field is empty, a message will display next to the required field to complete the field and try again.

When the interview is sent, it will send a standard email to the Candidate, Organizer, and other interviewers that contains:

  • Comments for the candidate or interviewer.
  • Attachments for the candidate or interviewer.
  • iCal calendar appointment
    • A universal calendar appointment that is compatible with all calendaring programs
  • A link to the organizer and candidate to confirm the interview.
  • A link to the organizer to fill out post-interview questions after the meeting.
Example Email to Organizer
Example Email to Other Interviewers
Example Email to Candidates

Post Interview Question(s)

After the interview has been conducted, the interviewer will complete the post-interview question(s).

The questions can be accessed when reviewing the interview status on the ATS website or with the link provided in the initial interview request email.

Via ATS Website

While viewing the interview status from your ATS website, click Complete Manually to open a new tab/window for your post-interview question(s).


Via Email

If you are the organizer, you will receive an interview request email with a link at the bottom of the email to open a tab/window for your post-interview question(s).


Example of Post Interview Question(s)

The initial question that would be answered is if the organizer had interviewed the candidate. If they answered "Yes," they will be prompted the post-interview questions.


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