How to Use the Scheduling Assistant for Interviews

The Scheduling Assistant allows you to schedule a phone, face-to-face, or virtual interview. The interview wizard can also be integrated with outlook. The interview will be tracked in the interview tab.

  1. Select the Interview Tool icon location under the action items.


  2. Click on the ‘Click Here’ next to the Schedule New Interview


  3. After selecting to Schedule a New Interview, you will be directed to the Scheduling Assistant. You will see the following page:


Any field auto-filled with information can be overwritten when scheduling the interview.

As the page is dense, we have broken down the available fields so they are more manageable. 

Interviewers, Organizers, and Location


Add Interviewers

  • Must be a user within the ATS.
  • Can be Contact Only: no ability to log in
  • Must have the additional permission of Interviewer selected
  • Can have multiple people as interviewers.


  • There can only be 1 organizer of the meeting.
  • The default is the first person set at the interviewer
  • You are not an interviewer by default. To be part of this interview you have to select yourself as an


  • This auto-fills the location field.
  • Two options
    • Phone Interview
    • Face to Face Interview


Driven from the type field.

Phone Interview

I will call you at [the candidate’s phone number from their application].

Face to Face Interview

Address information from the Admin > Account Information page

Virtual Meeting

When scheduling an interview with a candidate there is now a Virtual Meeting
option under the Location drop-down menu. The Location text box to the right will allow you to put
in additional information about the virtual meeting or you can use the Candidate Comments and
Interviewer Comments to include meeting information.

Candidate/Interviewer Comments & Attachments


Candidate Comments

  • Sent to candidates by email to give them the information they need for the interview.
  • These are specific to the candidate. Interviewers cannot see these comments.
  • Example comments:
    • Park in the North lot and enter in the East door. Ask the receptionist for JOHN SMITH in HR.
    • Please bring 5 copies of your resume.
    • Arrive 15 minutes early with a photo ID for security to create a visitor's badge.
    • Please be in a quiet environment for our phone call.

Candidate Attachments

  • Add an attachment that may be useful to this candidate.
  • Example Attachments:
    • Map of the parking lot
    • Questionnaire to bring/prepare for interview
    • Pre-work like a writing assignment, work sample or presentation.

Interviewer Comments

  • Sent to the interviewer with any special instructions they need to know.
  • These are specific to the interviewers. Candidates cannot see these comments.
  • Example comments:
    • John is a referral from Sarah M in Sales.
    • From their phone interview has a lot of commercial experience, but light in residential experience and working with customers.
    • Steve is related to and a referral of Joe C.
    • Jody’s hobbies include recreational horseback riding and dog agility training. This could be an ice breaker topic should you need something.

Interviewer Attachments

  • Add an attachment that may be useful to the Interviewers.
  • Example attachments:
    • Interview Checklist
    • Interview Questionnaire
  • These could be printed, written on, scanned, and then added to that candidate’s profile. Or they
    could be typed on, saved, and attached to the candidate profile as well.

Post Interview Questions


  • Default questions:
    • Did you interview this candidate? Y/N
    • Do you wish to move forward with this candidate? Y/N (Standard
  • You can add more questions in the Admin area to be selected when scheduling
    • Admin > Interview Questions.
    • Type Post Interview Question.
    • Multiple Choice – no free form responses.

Scheduling & Sending


Start Time and End Time

  • Date and time dropdowns.
  • Logic enabled:
    • The default setting is 30 minutes
      • E.G. If Start Time is 1 pm, End Time defaults to 1:30 pm.
    • End Time cannot be before start time.
    • The date has to be a future date, cannot be in the past.


  • Month View
    • Red dot day is today
  • Select a date in the future and that will update the start/end dates
  • Add interviewers near the calendar as well to reduce scrolling
  • Suggested Times:
    • Based on the interviewer's availability. The system will generate a few suggested times
      when everyone is free.
    • Only displays times if you have added credentials and the interviewers are part of
      your domain.
  • Calendar view – 3 days, 7 days, 2 Weeks.
    • Click the view that fits your needs.
  • The interviewers will appear with color coding to help identify when people are available.

Send Button

  1. If something is missing from the form, a message will display allowing you to correct the
    issue and try again.
  2. If everything is filled out the system will:
    • Email the Candidate, Organizer, and Other interviewers:
      • Standard Message
        • Comments for that group (Candidate or Interviewers)
        • Any Attachments for that group (Candidate or Interviewers)
        • iCal calendar appointment
          • Universal Calendar appointment
          • Compatible with all calendaring programs
      • Link to confirm going to be at the meeting
      • Tracked in the ATS
    • FOR ORGANIZER ONLY: Link to fill out post interview questions after the meeting.
      • Direct you back to the Interviews page.
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