Process for Configuring your Open Enrollment

As you begin your Open Enrollment process, it is very important to identify changes in your current benefits package. By reviewing your current package details and identifying changes, you will be able to better organize yourself in making updates for the upcoming open enrollment period.

Steps for Open Enrollment Configuration

The Steps identified below are meant to serve as a checklist for configuring your upcoming package for Open Enrollment. These steps are reviewed in detail in the pages that follow. We have also identified a few important questions to ask yourself, as you begin the OE configuration process, to highlight potential action items and/or changes needed.

  1. Helpful Reports to Review Prior to OE
  2. Update Pay Schedules
  3. Clear Alerts
  4. Duplicate Benefit Package
  5. Update Carriers
  6. Review, Update and/or Add Benefits/Plans
  7. Create a Rollover Mapping
  8. Create Benefit Records using Rollover Mapping
  9. Test OE Event
  10. Open OE Window for Eligible Employees
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