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Data Exports for Core Overview

Data Exports provide administrators with a tool to extract data from the system. It is a tool that exports data, it is not a report building tool, formatting for the overall report, headers, etc, are not included with the functionality. This tool is also used to create carrier files in the requested format, either HIPAA 834 or proprietary layout.

Data Exports allow administrators to quickly get data into an Excel spreadsheet, then Excel functionality can be used to format the data as desired. Data Exports can be grouped into Categories, which can help keep similar exports together, keep important exports separated (which helps reduce the risk of accidental changes or deletion), and keep test exports separated from production exports. Categories can easily be created by the administrator and exports can easily be assigned to categories, including changing the assigned category.

There are also some pre-configured exports, which provide the administrator a starting point with a single click of the mouse. These are called Quick Excel Exports. There are examples provided in the Appendices at the end of this document.

**Users that have access to the Enterprise Portal are able to copy exports across accounts reducing the need to re-build the same export in a different account.**

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