Troubleshooting Your FastTrakker Pro

When I Press the Button to Collect Records, the Screen Immediately Turns Off.

This is generally due to a low battery in the FastTrakker Pro. As the IR receiver/blaster on the FastTrakker Pro uses more power than the screen, a low battery can result in the FastTrakker Pro turning off suddenly when trying to collect. This is easily resolved by replacing the battery.

My FastTrakker Pro is Unable to Collect From a JobClock

  • The ideal distance between the FastTrakker Pro and your JobClock should be a few inches.
  • Check that the IR window on the FastTrakker and JobClock are not dirty. If they are dirty, wipe the IR windows clean and try again.
  • Make sure that you are not pulling the FastTrakker Pro away from the JobClock before it can connect and collect from the JobClock. There should be two beeps: the first beep is for the initial connection and a second beep for a successful collection.
  • Excessive sunlight hitting the JobClock/FastTrakker Pro can affect the JobClock/FastTrakker Pro as sunlight contains IR waves. In these instances, try to shade the area between the FastTrakker Pro and JobClock.
  • If trouble persists mitigating the above, try to use another FastTrakker Pro to help confirm if the issue is FastTrakker Pro or JobClock related.

My Computer Does Not Detect The FastTrakker Pro

When a computer does not detect a FastTrakker Pro, there can be multiple potential causes.

  • USB Cable is not properly plugged in.
    • Sometimes a USB cable may appear to be plugged in, but may not be. Fully unplug and replug the USB cable into the FastTrakker Pro and your computer's USB port.
  • The USB cable is damaged.
    • Try another Mini-USB cable.
  • The USB port of the computer may be having trouble.
    • Try using another computer and see if it detects the FastTrakker Pro.
  • The FastTrakker Pro is connected to a USB Hub.
    • Certain USB hubs may not be able to connect to the FastTrakker Pro. In these instances, it is best to connect to the USB port of the computer directly.

SyncCenter Has Collected the Records, But The Records Are Not On ExakTime Connect

When viewing SyncCenter after it has collected the records from the FastTrakker Pro, make sure that you do not have any unsent records. If SyncCenter indicates any unsent records, click Sync Now to send them to your ExakTime Connect account.

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