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Employee Homepage: Enrollment Windows

Enrollment Windows allows the user to view all enrollment periods assigned to an employee. These periods could be open enrollment or life events that may impact the employee benefits coverage and enrollment. The Filter By option displays all packages that are currently available in the system.

You can view the employee's home page from the menu by expanding Employees, expanding Employee Homepage, then clicking Enrollment Windows.


If you are already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over Employee Homepage, and click Enrollment Windows.


You will see enrollment windows created for the employee. The enrollment windows page will show you:

  • Activation Dates
  • Deactivation Date
  • Events
  • Work Email
  • Package
  • Creation Date
  • Confirmed by Employee


The Actions drop-down menu allows you to:

  • Create Enrollment
  • Delete Selected Windows


Create Enrollment Window

  • To create an enrollment window, go to the Actions drop-down menu and click Create Enrollment.


  • Enter the activation date, deactivate date, package, and the type of event.


  • Click Add Record when finished.
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