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Logs: Exports

The Employee Export Log houses a history of any exports the employees data was included on. This is a great resource to identify if an employee was included on a specific file to a benefit carrier as well. You can also pull a copy of the time by clicking on the file name under the "Export Data" Column to view the employee's information on the file. 

You can reach the employee's activity logs from the menu by expanding Employees, expanding Logs, then clicking Exports.


If you are already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over Logs, and click Exports.


When you arrive, you will see a page like below:


  • Export Name - denotes which export the employee was included on 
    • To view the export, click the name/ hyperlink to open 
  • Export Type - Full File vs. Change File 
    • Change File would alert to the employee being included on a file because of a change made to their demographic information, or benefit information. 
  • Export Data - denotes the export data type of the file (ie: benefits, demographic, compensation)
  • Export Date - date and time stamp of the files execution 

You can also pull a copy of the file by clicking on the file name under the Export Name column to view the employee’s information on the file.

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