Time Off Detail for Employee Profiles in Core HR

The Time Off Detail Tab provides the ability to manage Time Off Transaction Records. The Time Off Detail records are summarized on the Time Off Summary Tab.

Navigating to Time Off Detail Tab

Expand 'employees', expand 'Time and Labor Mgmt', then click Time Off Detail. If you are viewing the employee profile, hover over 'Time & Labor', then click Time Off Detail.



The time off detail tab will provide columns for:

  • Transaction Date - Clicking the transaction date link allows you to edit the time off record.
  • Time Off Type
  • Transaction Type
  • Units
  • Balance
  • Comment
  • Date Modified
  • Last Modified By

Clicking the filter CHR_-_Filter_Icon.png icon allows you to filter the time off details based on their year and time off type.


The Actions drop-down menu will allow you to:


  • Add New
  • Delete

Accrued Hours

If Accrual Rules are defined within the system then "Accrued" Transaction Records will be created automatically via the Nightly Accrual Process. For more information about setting up accrual rules, you can refer to the following article.

Adding New Time Off Record

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Add New.


  • Enter the following information:


    • Time Off Type - The options in the drop-down menu are set up from the Time and Labor Mgmt section of Core HR. For more information, you can refer to the following article.
    • Transaction Type
      • Accrued - Generally indicates an increase to the Balance as specified in the Units field.
      • Carried Forward - Reserved for specifying the number of Units carried forward from one year to the next.
      • Granted - Indicates a pending (not yet taken) decrease to the Balance as specified in the Units field.
      • Taken - Indicates a completed (already taken) decrease to the Balance as specified in the Units field.
    • Transaction Date
    • Units
    • Comments
  • Click Add Transaction when finished.
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