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Custom Pay Rates

The Custom Pay Rates tab allows for the creation of a custom override rate for an employee. These rates apply when an employee records time a specific project, cost center or combination of project and cost centers.

Before creating a custom rate scenario, the rates intended to apply as a result of the custom configuration need to be created on the Pay Rates tab within Settings.


The Actions drop-down menu allows the following actions:

  • Create Custom Pay Rate
  • Delete Custom Pay Rate


Creating Custom Pay Rate

The Custom Pay Rates creation screen is used to specify the conditions where custom or override rates apply, based on projects or cost centers selected when recording time.

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Custom Pay Rate.


  • Enter the appropriate information for the custom pay rate.
    • The "Shift" drop-down should be specified only if creating a rate that should apply during a specified period of time in addition to a selected project or cost centers.
    • Specify the "Project" and/or "Cost Centers" that are to trigger the custom rate.
    • Specify the Regular, Overtime, and (if applicable) Double Time rates that should apply when the employee clocks into the specified project or cost centers.
    • Add any "Entry Notes" that should be recorded with the punch.
    • Set a "Precedence Order" if creating multiple custom rates for a single employee.


  • Click Add Record when finished. 

Edit Custom Pay Rate

To edit an existing custom pay rate, click the link that would appear under the "Reg Pay Rate" column.


Delete Custom Pay Rate

  • To delete a custom pay rate, click the check box to the far right.


  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Delete Custom Pay Rate.


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