Employee Compliance Reports: EEO-1

In order for the reports to properly populate accurate information, the system must first be configured to recognize the fields that will be populated in the report.

Company Information: Configuring this area helps the system automatically populate your company's information on the report. See the EEO-1.

Ethnicities: The EEO-1 report requires the system to have ethnicities configured to help pull the correct data. The HRIS system allows its users to name their configured ethnicities in any way they like. Each ethnicity created must then be matched to the system's hard coded ethnicities that will print in the EEO-1 report. See Ethnicities.

Facilities: The EEO-1 report requires the system to have Facilities configure. EEO-1 report can group the employees to each facility that a company may have. See Facilities.

Upon configuring the system with this data, each employee will need to be assigned to a facility and ethnicity. This can be done manually via the Employee Demographic Menu, or as an Import.

Running the EEO-1 Report

  1. Filter Options - The EEO-1 report requires the usage of a full payroll period. Please select the Start & End date for the desired selected period from the filter.
  2. Location/Facility - Please select the Facility (Location) for your report. Please note that this Facility is maintained on the Employee's Demographic Info tab in the Facility 1 field. This option is key for the EEO-1 report as this report might be required to be produced by location or by all locations.
  3. Click Refresh Results to refresh all filter options.
  4. Click the PDF icon to download a PDF copy of your report.


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