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Work History

Work History will include the work history entries for the selected employee. If the employee was hired through the Applicant Tracking Portal, the work history they entered during the application process will carry over into their employee work history.

Work History can be reached from the menu by expanding Employee, expanding Recruiting, and clicking Work History.


If you are already viewing the employee profile, you will hover over Recruiting and click Work History.


The "Work History" page will show any previously entered work history for the employee.


Information can be added by the employee at any time if they have been granted access to the Work History link from the menu by going to Setup > Setup Properties > Employee Portal > Quick Links. Enable the option for Work History.

If they have not been granted access to the Work History Quick Link the information will need to be entered by an administrator.

Adding Work History

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Add New


  • Enter all required work history information. Required fields will be shown in RED.


  • Click Add Work History Record.
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