Taxes - Federal Tax

The Federal Tax screen houses federal tax information for the employee. From this page, Federal Tax information can be viewed, added, or edited.


Before the Federal Tax feature can be utilized on the Employee Portal, you must first turn on Federal Tax Info under Setup > Setup Properties of the Administration Portal. Expand Employee Portal Setup and click on Employee Portal. Click on the tab Quick Links. Check the box for Federal Tax Info.

Create a Federal Tax Record

  • From the Actions drop-down menu, click Create Federal Tax Record.


  • Fill in relevant federal tax information. Any fields marked in Red are required.
    • Specify the Year
    • Enter the Start Date
    • Enter the End Date
    • Enter Override Amount
    • Enter Override Percent
    • Select Filing Status
    • Check any boxes for:
      • Exempt
      • Two Jobs
      • Employee is Non-Resident Alien
    • Enter Dependents
    • Enter Other Income
    • Enter Deductions
    • Enter Extra Withholding


  • Click Add Record when finished.
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