Notes for Employees

The "Notes" section can be used for real-time feedback between managers/supervisors and employees or for internal notes on an employee record.

The Notes section can be accessed from the menu by expanding Employee, expanding the next Employee section, then clicking Notes.


If you are already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over Employee and click Notes.


When you reach "Notes" you will see any previously created notes and some quick information of their setup.


Adding a Note

  • To add a note to an employee, click the Actions drop-down menu, and click Create Record.


  • Enter a note and enable any other options such as:
    • Creation Date - Date the note will be recorded 
    • Note Type - Select from the drop down box
      • General - Administrators only can access and review this note 
      • Performance Log - can be made visible or hidden from employee view
    • Category - select from the drop down box
      • Can be configured via this navigation pathway: Menu > Setup > Setup Properties > Field Value Setup > Note Categories 
    • Note - add the text of the note recorded in this box 
    • Name & Attachment - if applicable add needed documentation and corresponding name 
    • This note requires follow up - can note an administrator should follow up on the notes contents 
    • Require Acknowledgment of this note by the employee 
      • Only available if note type = Performance Log 
    • Hide this note from employee view 
      • Only available if note type = Performance Log
      • NOTE: General Notes are always hidden from employee view 
    • Send this note in an email to the Employee (and Note Submitter) - will send an email to both the admin who enters the note as well as the employee the note is recorded for 
      • Only available if note type = Performance Log


  • When done, click Save Note.

Delete a Note

  • To add a note to an employee, click the checkbox to the far right of a note.


  • To delete a note for an employee, click the Actions drop-down menu and click Delete Selected Record(s).


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