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Logs: Facility History

Facility History allows you to log the history of facilities that an employee has worked.

EEO-1 Component 2 reports also use the data based on an employer’s establishments for years 2017 and 2018. In order to accurately report an establishment’s data for the required years, capturing an employee’s facility history in the system is necessary.

You can reach the employee's activity logs from the menu by expanding Employees, expanding Logs, then clicking Facility History.


If you are already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over Logs, and click Facility History.


The facility history page will show you any previously entered facility records for the employee.


Creating Facility History Record

  • Specify the start date, the end date (optional) and the facility name that the employee worked.


  • Click Save.


There is a Facility History Import available to make these alterations/additions in bulk


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