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Logs: Demographic Changes

With Demographic Changes, it is possible to filter system-wide activity to view data regarding demographic changes made between a specified date range. The Demographic Changes screen will display any demographic changes made for the selected employee between the defined Start and End dates. 

You can reach the employee's activity logs from the menu by expanding Employees, expanding Logs, then clicking Demographic Changes.


If you are already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over Logs, and click Demographic Changes.


When you arrive, you should see a screen like below:


Viewing Demographic Changes Data

You can either view/download the PDF report from the Demographic Changes screen, or email a report of the changes to one or more recipients and add any necessary email notes.

  • To view your demographic change logs, specify the start date and end date to filter to.


  • Click Filter/Refresh Links.
  • Your report will appear below. Click Print Report to view/download a PDF of the report.


  • To email your report(s), check the box on the far-left of a report.


  • Enter the desired email address(es) for those that should be receiving the report(s) and click Email Selected Report(s).


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