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How to Submit a Time Off Request in Core HR

The Time Off Request tab allows you to request time off from your time manager to approve/deny. 


Navigating to Time Off Request
  • Expand My Time and click View/Request Time Off from the menu.


  • Click the Time Off Request tab.


Submit Time Off Request

  1. Click the date(s) to request time off. Any selected dates will appear in yellow. If a date is a blackout date, it cannot be selected.
    • If you want to view your company holidays and blackout dates, click the Holidays & Blackout Dates tab next to the Time Off Request tab. 


  2. Click Add Selected Dates.


  3. For each requested date, specify the units of time, type of time off, and enter an optional comment.
    • If you need to remove a requested date, you can use the checkbox towards the far left and click Delete Selected Requests from the Actions drop-down menu.


  4. When finished, click Submit Request.


  5. Your manager will then approve or deny your request. You should receive an email after the approval or denial like below.



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