The Workflows menu option provides the ability to view and manage workflow instances associated with the selected employee. Workflow Instances can be manually kicked off for the selected employee by selecting from the Workflow drop-down field and clicking the Create Instance button.

Workflows can be accessed from the menu by expanding Employees, expanding HR Data, and clicking Workflows.


If you are already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over HR Data and click Workflows.


Existing workflow instances can be managed by click on the name of a workflow instance.


Field Description
Name Name of specific Instance.
Comments Any comments entered against the Workflow Instance. Comments can be entered via the Workflow Summary Tab when drilling into a specific Workflow Instance.
Initial Resource Name of the Resource assigned to the first step of the Workflow Instance
Date Created Date Workflow Instance created.
Target Completion Date Displays the deadline date when all steps of the specific Workflow are to be finished. This field is calculated by summing up the duration values assigned to each step.
Total Days Total number of days to date spent on the Workflow Instance.
Days until Target Days remaining until target Completion Date is reached.
% Completed Percentage of Workflow Completed
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