The "Surveys" page allows you to add existing surveys to the selected employee. Before this can be utilized, you must configure Surveys via the Settings > Surveys screen.

To reach Surveys from the menu, expand employees, expand HR Data, then click Surveys.


If you are viewing the employee profile, you can hover over HR Data, then click Surveys.


When you reach the Surveys screen, you will see any existing surveys and allow you to add more.


The Survey screen includes the following fields:

Survey drop-down menu that displays surveys that are configured via the Survey tool found under Settings.
When the Display link to Survey on Employee Portal box has been checked, a link to the survey will appear on the Employee Portal for completion by the employee. If this box is not checked, then the survey can be completed by an administrator in order to track structured data against the employee record.

How to Add a Survey

  • From the survey drop-down menu, select the survey to add.


  • Check the box for "Display Link to Survey in Employee Portal" in the employee will be filling out the survey.


  • Click Add Survey.
  • The newly added survey will appear in the bottom list.


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