State Taxes for Employee Profile

The State Tax screen houses state tax information for the employee. From here the State Tax information can be added, viewed or edited.

Before the State Tax feature can be utilized, you must first turn on State Tax Info under Setup Properties of Core HR. If you have not set up your State Taxes, you can refer to the following article for more information.

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Navigating to State Tax for an Employee
  • From the menu, expand Employee, expand Payroll, and click Taxes.


  • If already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over "Payroll" to show the available pages and click Taxes.


  • Click the State Taxes tab.


The state taxes tab will have columns for:

  • Tax Year
  • Year
  • Filing State
  • Unemployment State
  • Filing Status
  • Allowances
  • Additional Withholding
  • Percent Withheld
  • Additional Percent Withheld
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Modified By

The Actions drop-down menu will allow you to:


Creating a State Tax Record

  • Click Create State Tax Record Ffrom the Actions drop-down menu.


  • Fill in relevant federal tax information. Any fields marked in Red are required. The instructions at the top of the fields are and some of the fields are available if they are enabled from the Setup Properties page. For more information on setting up State Taxes and options, you can refer to the following article.


    • Enter Start Date
    • Enter End Date
    • Select Income Tax Filing State
    • Select Unemployment Filing State
    • Select Year
    • Select Filing Status - (Field available if "Filing Status" is enabled on Setup Properties)
    • Enter Allowances - (Field available if "Allowances" is enabled on Setup Properties)
    • Enter Additional Withholding - (Field available if "Additional Withholding" is enabled on Setup Properties)
    • Select Percentage Withholding - (Field available if "Percentage Withholdings" is enabled on Setup Properties)
    • Enter Additional Percentage Withholding - (Field available if "Open Percentage" is enabled on Setup Properties)
    • Select if Exempt from State Tax - (Field available if "Exempt" is enabled on Setup Properties)
    • Enter State Tax Overrides - (Field available if "Overrides" is enabled on Setup Properties)
      • Override Flat Amount
      • Override Percentage
  • Click Add Record when finished.

Edit State Tax Record

  • Click the tax year.


  • Edit the state tax record. Click Add Record when finished.


Delete State Tax Record

  • Use the checkbox towards the far right of the federal tax record(s).


  • Click Delete State Tax Record(s) from the Actions drop-down menu.


  • Confirm the deletion of the selected record(s).


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