Direct Deposit

The Direct Deposit section allows the user to view, add or delete Direct Deposit Records.

Before the Direct Deposit feature can be utilized, you must first turn on Direct Deposit under Setup>>Setup Properties of the Administration Portal. Expand Employee Portal Setup and click on Employee Portal. Click on the tab Quick Links. Check the box for Direct Deposit. To configure/add text the direct deposit link click on Configure Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit can be accessed from the menu by expanding Employee, expanding the Payroll section, then clicking Direct Deposit.


If you are already viewing an employee profile, you can hover over Payroll and click Direct Deposit.


When you arrive, you will view any previously created direct deposit records.


The Actions drop-down menu, will allow you to:

  • Create Direct Deposit Record
  • Delete Selected Record(s)


Create Direct Deposit Record

  • To create a direct deposit record, go the Actions drop-down menu and click Create Direct Deposit Record.


  • Fill in the required information for the direct deposit record.
    • If an employee is not aware of their routing or account number, the employee can use a check to find these numbers.



  • Click Add Deposit Record when finished.

EZSync Clients with Millennium Payroll Provider

For EZSync clients with Millennium selected as the Payroll Provider under Payroll Settings, there is additional functionality under Direct Deposits:


This field determines the order in which Payroll makes Direct Deposits and syncs to the corresponding Priority field next to each Direct Deposit record.

Earning Deduction Code

  • E/D codes are required for Direct Deposit records to sync.
  • Evolution allows only one active occurrence of a Scheduled E/D per employee. The Effective Start Date and Effective End Dates cannot overlap. The error "Employee #**** - duplicate ED Code" will occur any time the evoInfinityHR utility encounters the same ED Code more than once on an employee record if the dates overlap.
  • The Prenote flag in evolution will be set on initial creation sync only based on InfinityHR setting. It will sync one time only. The fields will map as follow on the initial creation -
    • Infinity No --> evolution Yes
    • Infinity Yes --> evolution No

It will then follow evolution logic as to SB Flags & Setting tab of how many days in prenote. Flag will then flip to Prenote No in evolution.

Override Pre-Note

For clients that are using Pre-notes in Payroll, this option allows the administrator to override the company-level setting for Pre-notes in Payroll. All new direct deposit records will default to Override Pre-Note: Yes. This will tell the sync to populate the Pre-note date field in Payroll for the Direct Deposit record with a date equal to the Start Date-30 days. This will ensure that the record passes the necessary pre-note requirements, and the EE will receive a direct deposit.

By selecting Override Pre-Note: No, this tells the sync that the Pre-note SHOULD occur. If Payroll, previously had a date populated in the Pre-note date field on the Direct Deposit record, the sync would delete that value. The EE would then receive a live check.

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