Beneficiary Assignments

The Beneficiary Assignments screen allows an Administrator to add, edit, and delete beneficiaries for the selected employee. This screen can be filtered by the package. Creating an assignment allows the Administrator to assign a beneficiary to a specific benefit.

To reach the "Beneficiary Assignments" screen from the menu, expand Employee, expand Benefits, then click Beneficiary Assignments.


If you are viewing the employee profile, you can hover over Benefits and click Beneficiary Assignments.


When you arrive at the beneficiary assignments screen, you will see any existing beneficiary assignments.


From the Actions drop-down menu, you can:

  • Create Beneficiary Assignment
  • Delete Beneficiary Assignment


Create Beneficiary Assignment

Clicking "Create Beneficiary Assignment" from the Actions drop-down menu will bring you to the following page where you can specify the:

  • Package: Select the Package in which the benefit exists.
  • Benefit: Select the Benefit you wish to assign a beneficiary to.
  • Beneficiary: Select the Beneficiary you wish to assign.
  • Start Date: Select the Start Date in which the Beneficiary should be assigned.
  • End Date: Select the End Date in which the Beneficiary should be assigned.
  • Type: Select the Type of beneficiary - Primary or Secondary.
  • Percentage: Select the Percentage in which the beneficiary should receive.*

*Beneficiaries cannot add up over 100% per Type/Benefit.


When done, click Save.

Delete Beneficiary Assignment

To delete an existing beneficiary assignment, click the checkbox to the far right.


From the Actions drop-down menu, click Delete Beneficiary Assignment.


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