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Carrier, Carrier Contacts & Adding/Deleting a New Carrier

What are Carrier and Carrier Contacts?

Carriers enable administrators the ability to assign and track benefit plans within a package to their respective providers. Administrators will often want to see all the benefit plans that each carrier has been assigned. Within the HRIS system, plans are unable to be saved until carriers have been created and assigned appropriately. EDI files for enrollment are managed by carrier assignment within the benefits package for that plan year.

Managing Carriers

Adding a New Carrier

In order to add or create a new plan underneath a benefit, you will need to be able to assign the carrier in which the benefit is associated. Without any pre-created carriers, no benefit plans are able to be saved in the HRIS system.

To add, delete, or modify any carrier,  open the Menu from the top left, click on Settings to expand the options, and click Benefit Management. 


When you arrive at the Benefit Management page, click Carriers from the top bar.


At the Carriers page, click the action drop-down menu and click Add New Carrier.


This screen will start you in the provider tab of the carrier contact information. From the provider dropdown, you will want to select the Carrier that you are configuring. The first and last name of the primary contact with the carrier is required and phone numbers with email addresses are preferred.

After you have filled this information in, click Save Provider to finish or move on to the other tabs.


Nothing else is needed for benefit configuration but additional data for export documents and information may be completed as well. To Add multiple or additional carriers, you will simply need to select Carriers at the top of your page to add another.

Deleting Carrier(s)

For the deletion of Carriers, you may select the checkbox on the far right of the carrier's screen, then open the action drop-down menu and click on Delete Selected Records.



Note that the deletion of a carrier would not be ideal if that carrier was still assigned at the plan level of any benefit.

Editing a Carrier

To edit any carrier information like a contact name, number, or email, you will want to select the carrier name from this same screen. By performing this action, you can edit the name or any information on this selected carrier.


Saving Contact Information

To save the contact information as a PDF, you may select the checkbox on the far right of the carrier's screen, then open the action drop-down menu and click on Carrier Contact Information. 

After clicking, your web browser will save a PDF with contact information.


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