Ad Hoc Reporting: Add Report

  1. Select the New Report button to start creating a report.
  2. Click on the Edit button next to the New Report to name the report and add in a description.
  3. Select your data source from the Select Data field:
    • ATS Candidates
    • ATS Job Candidates
    • ATS Jobs
    • Courses
    • Evaluations
    • Goals
    • Learning Plan Status by Employee
    • Learning Plans
    • Learning Transcripts
    • New Hires
    • User Information
  4. The data will start building instantly.
  5. Modify the fields by checking/unchecking the boxes and click Apply.
  6. Click on the "Change Report Icon" to also check/uncheck fields.
  7. Click on the Change Report Options to modify Columns, Sort and Group.
  8. Click on the column header to apply.
    • Sorts
    • Filters
    • Group
    • Format
  9. Select Save at the bottom of the report
  10. Click the Export icon to Export the data into Excel, you will be required to save the document first.


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