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Employee permissions within the system. Built-In Roles:

  • Student
  • Manager

Populating the import file with TRUE for a manager will automatically assign the Manager role to an employee. This allows additional access to the system, such as, being able to assign Courses or Performance Reviews. A manager is only able to do this for their direct reports. If an employee should not be assigned the Manager role, the column details should equal FALSE.

  • Instructor
  • Training Admin
  • Report Viewer
  • 360 Manager
  • 360 Admin
  • 360 Report Viewer
  • Evaluation Manager
  • Evaluation Admin
  • Evaluation Report Viewer
  • LMS Administrator

The LMS Administrator role allows users to manage the LMS components of the system without having access to the account set-up screens.

See Custom Roles to create and assign new roles to an employee.

Default Role Permissions

Student (end user)-system defaulted user for all users of Talent

  • Access to courses assigned to them
  • View past course history through transcript
  • Access to all courses in the catalog, UNLESS a catalog restriction is applied to a course for only certain Locations, Departments or Groups
  • Submit historical course and certification information for approval by the manager and training admin


  • Same access as Employee
  • Can assign training, certifications, learning plans and historical courses to direct reports
  • Can view and edit course roster for direct reports
  • Can view an employee transcript of direct AND indirect reports
  • Can approve training, learning plans, certifications and historical courses

Instructor (LMS)

When assigned to a course/class an instructor can do the following:

  • Create and edit a class
  • Manage the class by printing out a roster, managing completion status
  • Email employees enrolled in the class
  • Manage the wait-list if turned on at the class level

Training Administrator

  • Access to everything
  • Access to LMS Admin tab in LMS Module
  • Ability to approve certifications and historical courses for employees
  • Has access to the Account Admin section
  • Has access to the Reports Module
  • Does not give any additional roles/permissions for Performance, Only LMS

Report Viewer

  • Not tied to reports

360 Manager

  • Access to “Manager Tools” menu in the 360 Evaluations Module

360 Admin

  • Access to “360 Admin” menu in the 360 Evaluations Module
  • Can assign out 360 Evaluations, create projects, and specify rater relationships

360 Report Viewer

  • Not tied to reports

Evaluation Manager

  • Adds the Manager Tools Tab in the Evaluations Module
  • Approval Queue
  • Manage Goals & View Goals
  • Assign Evaluation
  • Notes
  • If user with this role has direct reports, they will only be able to see approvals and goals and assign evaluations to their direct reports only.

Evaluation Admin

  • Adds the Performance Admin Tab in the Evaluations Module
  • Add/Edit Evaluations
  • Schedule Evaluations
  • Add/Edit Competencies

Evaluation Report Viewer

  • Not tied to reports

LMS Administrator

  • Access to “LMS Admin” menu in the LMS Module
  • Can create/edit and assign out certifications to all users
  • Can add new courses into the system
  • Can Require/Recommend Courses to all users
  • Can Add Course Exemptions
  • Can Manage employee course history for all employees
  • Can create/edit and assign out learning plans
  • Can add Instructors and Classrooms

Restricted LMS Admin role (custom role permission)


  • Activate/Deactivate Courses in the Catalog
  • Create Classes
  • Create Courses
  • Create or Edit Instructors
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