People Profile: Required Employee Fields for Import

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Display Name
  • Username (needs to be unique, example: email address)
  • Email (this does not have to unique)
  • Hire Date
  • EmployeeID
  • *Job Code
  • *Groups (not required)
  • Manager
  • *Location
  • *Departments (not required)
  • Active/Inactive
  • Manager Role

Asterisk (*) indicates fields that must be populated PRIOR to importing employees into the system. All items can be changed/edited after the import is complete. All employees added will have the default "Employee" role assigned to them automatically. Manager role is assigned via the import for those with 'Manager Role' marked as True. All other roles are assigned manually. See Roles for more details.

A red asterisk will display next to any un-populated required field once 'Save' is selected on a page.

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