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Understanding the Manager Action Items Tab


The Manager Action Items tab will list all of the employees waiting for manager review and are waiting for further input by the manager. If you have set up Notifications, the Manager may have also received a notice letting them know they have an action to take. For information on how to set this up, you can refer to Complete Guide to Notifications for Onboarding

From here, you will see the following columns:

  • New Hire Name
  • Username
  • Current Process Step
  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Phone(s)
  • Process Started
  • Assigned To

Sorting/Filtering Options

  • Clicking any of the column headers will allow you to sort the list.


  • The list can be filtered by designating the number of days they wish to view and clicking the filter button. The default number of days is 60 days.


  • The number of new hires to be listed can be changed to 5, 10, or 25 new hires per page.


Manager Action Items Actions

Clicking the "..." button under the Action column will let you:


Edit New Hire

"Edit New Hire" allows the manager to edit the job information for the employee.


Disable New Hire

Prevents the new hire from logging in to Onboarding and removes them from the New Hire Dashboard. May be necessary if a new hire has completed their paperwork, but did not pursue employment with the company. 


Unlock New Hire

"Unlock New Hire" allows the new hire access to log in to Onboarding and correct their paperwork if any errors were found. This option is only available if the new hire has completed their paperwork and a manager has not yet completed their portion of their paperwork.

If done, the new hire will be moved to the "Incomplete New Hires" tab.

If the new hire filled out their paperwork through Kiosk mode and did not enter their own email, you can set up a password for them from the "Incomplete New Hires" tab so they can sign in and correct their paperwork.


Complete New Hire

"Complete New Hire" lets a manager finish their portion of a new hire's paperwork.

  • The manager will view a series of steps similar to what the New Hire went through, but with fewer steps. Depending on your Administration/Account settings, some of the available steps/fields can differ. 

  • Login - The first page will ask the manager to acknowledge the given statement. If required, the Manager may need to enter their password.

  • i9 - The manager will list the documents that the new hire provided for the hiring manager to verify their identity and ability to be employed in the United States. An example of the document will be shown and what information should be noted.

  • Additional Info - The Start Date will always be required in this set.
    • The Start Date will always be required in this set.
    • If the new hire did not enter their gender and race, the manager will be required to complete the information and make their best guess. 
    • Custom fields will be present for the manager if set up. If you would like assistance with custom fields, you can refer to Complete Guide to Custom Fields for Onboarding
  • Review - Review the information entered for the new hire.

  • Sign - The manager will review and sign-off on the paperwork.

  • After the manager has completed their portion of the paperwork and signed off on the new hire, they will reach the "Complete" step.


Depending on your Notification setup, an email may be sent to individuals that the new hires Onboarding is complete.

When the new hire's Onboarding is complete, they will move from the Manager Action Items tab to the Recently Hired tab

Add Comment

Add an internal comment to the new hire. Clicking the "..." button in the Action column will let you edit or delete a comment.


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